The Running Ball

Show how far you can get running in space!

A ball that is continually running through space,
the goal is to get the best score and best distance,
some elements that you will find along the way will help you to keep the ball alive for longer.

How to play:
* Touch the left side of the screen to fall quickly.
* Tap on the right side of the screen to jump.
* While the ball is in the air, you can make a jump extra.
* Try to catch the coins to get the highest possible score.
* You will find some items that will help you to stay alive for more time.
* Find traps along the way, these traps will have to Dodge them.

1. Coins: add you points to get better score.
2. Dynamite: it exploits all the current obstacles in the screen.
3. Heart: adds you a life extra.
4. Time: it slows down the speed of the ball.
5. Shield: it accelerates the speed of the ball and makes immune temporarily (invincible).

* Best ball game running.
* Space environment.
* Google Play game services integrated.

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