Defend The Tower

These at war and want to conquer your nation, your mission is to eliminate the enemy to defend your territory!

The terrorists send their planes to kill your people,
prevents the planes hitting the tower at all costs using the cannon to shoot them down.
You must act fast to avoid destruction.

The guns are your weapons, your only defense to attack and win, you will use as protection tower,
put to the test the most of your defensive skills to keep the tower safe.

How to play:
You have 3 buttons on the bottom left, one for each touch them cannon to shoot.
You have 1 button on the bottom right, use it to change the order of the guns.
Each gun has a color, the cannon can only shoot down a plane of the same color.
Each level requires a certain amount of aircraft takedowns, takedowns when everyone wanted that level.
Your goal is to defend the tower, if you let a plane crash into the tower, you lose.
The higher the level will come more and faster aircraft, you have to be more skilled at each level.

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