Puzzle Portal

Amazing and original break heads!
Proof that so far you can get using your intelligence!

In game consists in acquiring the amount of points required by solving the puzzle.
To achieve this you must get form pictures tabbed portals.
The difficulty that grows with each level.

Each tab has a number of steps, you must use it wisely to solve the puzzle,
the steps used them to move in the desired direction,
tabs can also exchange their positions, using 2-step which initiates the change of position.

How to play:
Each tab has its amount of steps, these steps used them to move or teleport.
Plays on a card that has at least two steps, then touches on another tab to perform teleportation.
Teleportation is left two steps to the tab that does it.
When two cards if they rank form a line, when two pairs of tiles are aligned they form a picture.

15 challenging levels.
There's no time limit.
Put your brain to the test.

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