Fruits Collector

Incredible game to collect fruit that tests how fast you are when you slide on your screen!

You have to collect the required number of fruits,
you have to place each fruit in the basket to add more corresponding points,
if you put a fruit basket in the wrong, you lose the game.
Fruits come out messy, you have to order them at the time of fall,
also need to be removed from the display fruits that do not belong to any basket.

How to play:
The baskets filled with a required quantity of a type of fruit,
depending on the level can be from one to three baskets,
when fruits fall will have to move to slide them, and make a corresponding fall in basket
and get the points required to win this fun game.

Spend the different challenging levels and shows how agile you are!

Middle arcade and a half broken head.
No time limit.
The best fruit picker.
It tests your brain and reflexes.
Easy and fun to play.
Perfect for downtime.
It can become addictive.

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